Leadership Lessons From The Great Books #74 – Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card w/Christen B. Horne

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card w/Christen B. Horne 

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Graff and Ender – A Meeting of the Minds
  • The Literary Life of Orson Scott Card
  • The Mormon Basis of Ender’s Game
  • On Being Canceled by the Culture
  • Social Justice and the World of Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • Why Read Ender’s Game if You’re in the Marine Corps?
  • Christen Horne’s Opera Background
  • Cannon Fodder vs. Volunteers
  • On Killing People and Breaking Things
  • The Launch and Null Gravity
  • They Don’t Have to Like You to Work with You
  • Leading People Leveraging Negative Character Traits
  • Performance, Direction, Ego, and Emotions
  • Identity and Politics in the Theatre
  • Rat Army, “Rose the Nose” Rosen and Dink Meeker
  • Leading While Not Falling Into the “Fairness” Trap
  • You Can’t Build a Maserati with Toyota Parts
  • Leaders Make and Enforce Clear Rules
  • What is Fair and What is Nice are Often Mutually Exclusive
  • Locke and Demosthenes
  • Valentine, Peter, and the Dark Triad of Leadership
  • Nature versus Nurturer is a False Dichotomy
  • Staying on the Path with Ender’s Game

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