About the Leadership Toolbox

The Leadership Toolbox Masterclass, developed from over a decade in leadership development with over 15,000 managers and supervisors in organizations by HSCT trainers and facilitators.

Our History

Over a Decade in Leadership

HSCT Publishing Founded

by Jesan Sorrells to help organizations engage with leadership, change management, and conflict management processes.

leadership history 2012 Leadership Toolbox
leadership history 2015 Leadership Toolbox
Leadership Toolbox Developed ‚Äč

The Team at HSCT began developing the underlying theories and structure of the Leadership Toolbox.

Leadership ToolBox Team Grown

The Team at HSCT Publishing began testing Leadership Toolbox in live environments with real managers and supervisors.

leadership history 2017 Leadership Toolbox
leadership history 2021 Leadership Toolbox
Leadership Toolbox Remotely Delivered

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Leadership Toolbox delivery moves to remote delivery only. 


What Leaders Say
about The Toolbox

“Attending Leadership ToolBox is like going to graduate school for leaders.”
David Cawley
Human Resources Director, Rutkoski Fencing
“Jesan and his team clearly care passionately about leadership and developing leaders. It’s all of what they do, and with Leadership ToolBox, they do it well.”
Jennifer M. Meade
Service Manager, Olum’s Furniture and Appliances
Leadership Toolbox is designed to help your managers and supervisors achieve the vision, mission, values, and goals for your organization and culture