Leadership Lessons From The Great Books – Shorts #81

Leaders learn to build relationships to scale your leadership efforts.


My name is Jesan Sorrells and this is the Leadership Lessons From the Great Books ooks podcast shorts.

There’s no co-host on these shorts episodes. These are now around six to eight minute long, observations, ideas, thoughts, or rants about the theology, psychology, and yes, even the philosophies that lie behind leadership.

Because listening to me talk for now, six to eight minutes. Is still better than reading and trying to understand yet another business book.

By the way, i’m reporting live from an island somewhere in the pacific.

And yes, that is a rooster crowing behind me.

When we think about the lessons that leaders can learn when they travel like i’m doing right now. We have to think about the ways in which we think about how we relate to other human beings. How our economies set up economies of scale? Moving from one individual life upwards to an entire culture. An entire country. Or an entire nation state. Leadership becomes more and more difficult to at scale. As the distance between self and the sky expands, you actually have to be more careful about leadership, not less.

Where i’m standing right now on this island. I’m watching people swim in the water. I’m watching scuba divers guiding. Guiding people away from boats and towards the animals. I’m watching people run along the beach and i’m watching a snorkelers being led into deeper water. Leadership is happening, everywhere. Here leadership is happening between couples leadership is happening. Between. Tourists and guides and of course on boats, whether they are outriders and and outrigger canoes. Or whether they are giant fishing boats with sales. Leadership is happening everywhere. Of course, we don’t think about it like that. We don’t think about it in those kinds of terms. We tend to think about leadership in terms of relationship, even though we do not use that word, So here’s the lesson from the beach. Where it’s already 90 degrees. At eight o’clock in the morning. Here’s the lesson from the beach for liters. Build relationships. Build relationships with the people that you lead. Build relationships with the environment in which you are in. And relationships will scale. Quicker, even than your skill sets. Your desire and your efforts.

And well, reporting live from an island somewhere in the Pacific.

That’s it for me.