Leadership Lessons From The Great Books – Shorts #13

Leaders are people who know–and say–the truth.

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My name is Jesan Sorrells, and this is the Leadership Lessons from the Great Books Podcast- Shorts.
There’s no co-host on shorts.
These are two-to-four-minute observations, ideas, thoughts, or rants, about the literature, philosophy, psychology, and theology of leadership.
Because listening to me talk about leadership for two to four minutes is better than reading and trying to understand yet another business book.
Leaders are people who know the truth—of a situation, a set of circumstances, or of the character of those they are leading—and they make choices based upon this knowledge.
Leaders have clarity about the power of the relational gossamer that binds them together with their followers.
When there is a lack of clarity about the relationships leaders are in with their followers—when leaders are trapped in a fog of emotions, thoughts, ideas, and plans—there is no forward motion.
One of the areas leaders must be clear about is who is envious of their position, title, and authority, and thus who is bidding their time, waiting to step up when the leader fails.
Leaders who believe the baser emotions—envy, vanity, jealousy—have nothing to do with leading, are as blind as Julius Caesar was to Brutus and his gang of merry men.
All of whom were seeking to save the Republic from a man they thought of as more of a danger than their own demonic passions.
Leaders know the truth of the people they are leading because they care about who they are leading.
Followers know when a leader lacks the clarity to see them as they are, and they know when the leader doesn’t care enough to know who they are, motives, warts, and all.
A leader cannot lead if they do not care.
And that’s it for me.