Answers to
Leadership ToolBox questions

Leadership ToolBox is designed around 12 remotely delivered webinars. These are suupported by additional coaching, psychosocial assessments (i.e., DiSC, Conflict Management Surveys, True Colors Inventory, etc.), and 1-on-1 interactions with our faciltators.

Leadership ToolBoxis designed to takes anywhere from 4 to 12 months.

Leadership ToolBox is offered via a cohort structure. This means that your managers and supervisors have the same experiences, ask the same questions, hear the same answers, and absorb the same messages about intentional leadership practices.

Leadership ToolBox was offered live and in-person pre-COVID-19. With the uncertainty arond vaccines, mandates, and differing local laws and regulations, our parent company, HSCT Publishing, has made the decision to offer our Leadership ToolBox experience remotely for the safety of our facilitators and attendees.

Leadership ToolBox content can be customized to fit your organization’s needs. For instance, if your managers needed more help in customer service, we can focus on that. Or, if they need more help in diversity and inclusion, modules can be customized and included for that as well.

Leadership ToolBox is desigend to be “”sticky.”” We all know that watching a YouTube video, reading a book, listening to a podcast, or attending a live event, cannot make leadership principle “”stick.”” managers and supervisors need context to suceed as leaders and coaching provides that context and increases the likelihood of leadership success over the long-term.

Leadership ToolBox is designed to work as a package experience for your managers and supervisors. Organizations that support their managers and supervisors through creating follow-up conversations, coaching opportunities, and visible support from upper management can increase the likelihood of voluntary compliance with Leadership ToolBox attendance.

Leadership ToolBox is designed to smoothly transistion from one topic to the next. When managers and supervisors take time to schedule ad prioritize their attendance, they have better outomes overall.